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Table 4 Validation of GapFiller's output on GAGE datasets

From: GapFiller: a de novo assembly approach to fill the gap within paired reads

Organism Library Avg contig length (bp) Aligned contigs Aligned length Genome cov
S. aureus Fragment S.j. + fragment 182 3648 99.48% 98.74% 99.47% 98.76% 98.12% 95.00%
R. sphaeroides Fragment S.j. + fragment 188 3736 99.91% 98.20% 99.92% 98.22% 98.65% 74.12%
  1. The experiments performed with both short jump (s.j.) and fragment libraries are done by picking the seeds from the short jump library only. We state that a contig is aligned against the reference if the alignment is a single hit covering 100% of contig's length and the percentage of identity is at least 95%. The statistics are computed on trusted contigs.