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Table 1 Benchmark datasets

From: CFMDS: CUDA-based fast multidimensional scaling for genome-scale data

Dataset Source Number of Attributes Number of Instances Pearson's Median Skewness Coefficient Coefficient of Variation
IRIS UCI ML Repository 4 150 0.34 0.64
Dermatology UCI ML Repository 33 366 -0.61 0.42
M. musculus Microarray GEO 4,000 2,000 0.94 1.08
S. cerevisiae Microarray GEO 1,000 9,300 0.73 0.56
MNIST MNIST 784 10,000 -0.13 0.14
  1. UCI ML Repository is UCI Machine Learning Repository GEO is Gene Expression Omnibus MNIST is the MNIST Database of handwritten digits M. musculus Microarray is a modified dataset from Mus musculus microarrays in GEO and S. cerevisiae Microarray is a modified dataset from Saccharomyces cerevisiae microarrays in GEO. MNIST dataset is from scanned handwritten digit images of 28 × 28 pixels.