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Table 1 BiMax vs. Bipartite Bron-Kerbosch Running Times. Running times of the Bipartite Bron-Kerbosch (BBK) algorithm compared to BiMax on binary matrices derived from A. Thaliana gene expression data. Each matrix had a density of around 12% and the algorithms were given a maximum of 1 hour to complete on the same computer. The number of biclusters in each matrix is listed in the last column.

From: Exact biclustering algorithm for the analysis of large gene expression data sets

Dimensions BiMax BBK Biclusters
100x100 75msec 69msec 885
200x200 340msec 168msec 4327
400x400 3sec 354msec 37583
800x800 3min9sec 3sec 590406
1000x1000 26mins40sec 15sec 3103939
1200x1200 - 1min41sec 16118494