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Figure 11

From: Comparative analysis and visualization of multiple collinear genomes

Figure 11

Collaborative Cross Viewer. A sample of the data tracks available in the Collaborative Cross Viewer The viewer supports analysis and visualization of 458 emerging CC lines and the 8 founder strains [10]. From top to bottom, the CC founder origin histogram and mosaic for a subset of lines is shown, then a histogram of the number of unique haplotypes and the haplotype diversity for the selected strains. The founder origins indicate the likely founder haplotypes inherited across the genome for the CC lines since the CC lines are a mosaic of the 8 founders. Note that many of these lines are not yet fully inbred, so there exist regions of heterozygosity as well as homozygosity. The haplotype diversity is similar to the notion of haplotype intervals described for the Mouse Phylogeny Viewer.

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