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Table 5 Comparison of the analysis results for three SNPs on chromosome 9 known to be associated with RA

From: Robust methods for population stratification in genome wide association studies

  SNP rs2900180 SNP rs1953126 SNP rs881375
   Rank in   Rank in   Rank in
   non-HLA   non-HLA   non-HLA
  p-Value SNPs p-Value SNPs p-Value SNPs
rPCA 1.15E-07 1 2.78E-07 2 3.20E-07 3
PCA 1.91E-07 1 4.71E-07 2 5.55E-07 3
MDS 1.69E-07 1 4.55E-07 2 4.91E-07 3
Trend 8.05E-09 4 3.52E-08 7 2.82E-08 6
GC 1.46E-06 4 4.13E-06 7 3.54E-06 6