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Table 3 Negation cue lists

From: Negated bio-events: analysis and identification

Name Size Elements
c40 40 absence, absent, barely, cannot, deficiency, deficient, except, exception, fail, failure, impair, inability, inactive, independent, independently, insensitive, instead, insufficient, lack (noun), lack (verb), limited, little, loss, lose, lost, low, negative, neither, never, no, none, nor, not, prevent, resistance, resistant, unable, unaffected, unchanged, without
cBioScope 28 absence, absent, cannot, could not, either, except, exclude, fail, failure, favor over, impossible, instead of, lack (noun), lack (verb), loss, miss, negative, neither, never, no, no longer, none, not, rather than, rule out, unable, with the exception of, without
cBioInfer 25 abolished, absence, cannot, defective, deficient, despite, differ, different, differential, distinct, failure, independent, independently, lack, negligible, neither, no, nor, not, protected, separately, simultaneously, unable, unlike, without
cCore 20 absence, fail, inability, independent, independently, insensitive, insufficient, lack (noun), lack (verb), little, neither, no, nor, not, resistant, unable, unaffected, unchanged, without