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Table 8 Prostate cancer data classifications (Gleason 5 vs. Gleason 7)

From: Greedy feature selection for glycan chromatography data with the generalized Dirichlet distribution

  GDFS CFS rpart
  Gleason 5 Gleason 7 Gleason 5 Gleason 7 Gleason 5 Gleason 7
True groups Gleason 5 11 6 11 6 11 6
  Gleason 7 4 13 9 8 8 9
  1. Statistical classifications of the prostate cancer dataset (Gleason 5 vs. Gleason 7 cases) from the proposed GDFS method (GDFS), correlation-based feature selection (CFS), and recursive partitioning (rpart). In each case, posterior group probabilities were calculated for each observation j using features selected, and model parameters estimated, with observation j omitted (leave-one-out cross-validation). Observations were then classified using a MAP classification rule. This table shows the cross-tabulations of true group membership with the assigned classifications from the GDFS, CFS and rpart methods.