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Table 2 Name processing settings

From: The taxonomic name resolution service: an online tool for automated standardization of plant names

Setting Description Options
Processing mode Determines whether the name is parsed and resolved (corrected) or parsed only Full name resolution (default)
   Parse names only
Match accuracy Adjusts the minimum OMS required to return a name as a candidate match Slider from lowest (default) to highest (perfect match, OMS = 1.0)
Allow partial matches If enabled, the TNRS will match a higher taxonomic component of a name if it cannot match the name at the rank submitted Enabled (default)
   Not enabled
Sources Taxonomic sources used to resolve names. Higher-ranked sources applied first if Best match setting "Constrain by source" enabled (see text) Select
   Rank by dragging/dropping
Family classification Source of family classification for matched and accepted names Tropicos / APG III (default)
   NCBI (similar to APG III, with recent changes)
  1. These user options must be set prior to submitting names for processing. Best match settings (not listed; see User options) are adjusted after processing is complete.