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Table 1 Comparison of existing pattern recognition based bioimage classification tools with BIOCAT (as the writing of the paper)

From: BIOCAT: a pattern recognition platform for customizable biological image classification and annotation

  Graphic user interface 3D image Classifier Extensible algorithm plugin ROI Automatic comparison among algorithms Required commercial software Platform
Wndchrm [21] No No Nearest Neighbor No No No None Linux, MacOS, Windows
CellProfiler [9] Yes No Boosting No Yes No Matlab or None Linux, MacOS, Windows
ImageJ/Fiji ( Yes Yes No Yes Yes No None All
PSLID/SLIC ( No Yes BPNet, SVM No Yes No Matlab Linux
Ilastik [22] Yes Yes Random Forest No Yes No None Linux, MacOS, Windows
BIOCAT ( Yes Yes Multiple Choices Yes Yes Yes None All