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Table 1 ST315 clade unique SNP information - typical snp-search output for -u option

From: snp-search: simple processing, manipulation and searching of SNPs from high-throughput sequencing

Pos Ref base SNP syn/non-syn Gene annotation Pseudo gene? AA orig AA change CH? CP? CS?
16387 A G syn putative amino acid permease No      
512693 A G non-syn putative dipeptidase No T A No Yes No
924493 T C non-syn putative sugar ABC transporter (ATP-binding protein) No S P No Yes No
1108998 G T non-syn putative N-acetylglucosamine-6-phosphate isomerase No A S Yes Yes No
1186147 C T syn putative amino acid ABC transporter (ATP-binding protein) No      
1573272 T C non-syn putative sucrose operon repressor No L S Yes Yes Yes
1817279 C T         
1868362 T C         
  1. Last two empty cells indicate the SNP has occurred in a non-CDS region therefore having no further information. Syn: synonymous, Pos: position of SNP in reference genome, AA: Amino acid, orig: original, CH: change in hydrophobicity, CP: change in polarity, CS: change in size.