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Figure 5

From: MosaicIA: an ImageJ/Fiji plugin for spatial pattern and interaction analysis

Figure 5

Results of applying the plugin to clathrin- β 2-AR data from single-molecule PALM. MosaicIA applied to PALM super-resolution imaging in fixed HeLa cells: The green channel (X) shows the GPCR protein β2-AR labelled with PSCFP2. The red channel (Y) shows Clathrin Light Chain-PAMCherry1. (a) Rendering of the PALM image as a probability map showing only molecules that localized into clusters of a given threshold size. (b) These molecules displayed as points without their corresponding localization uncertainty. Clusters of molecules are visualized by circles with × marking the cluster centers. (c,e,g) Distance distributions obtained after fitting the model with a linear L1 potential. (c,d) Fit and estimated interaction potential when using only cluster centers for the analysis. (e,f) Fit and estimated interaction potential when only using all individual molecules. (g,h) Randomization control using a randomly shuffled point pattern X with the same number of points as in c.

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