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Table 1 Examples of automatic mapping of phrases in queries submitted to Entrez

From: search GenBank: interactive orchestration and ad-hoc choreography of Web services in the exploration of the biomedical resources of the National Center For Biotechnology Information

Original query Query after automatic mapping process
breast cancer inhibitor (“Clin Breast Cancer”[Journal] OR “Breast Cancer”[Journal] OR (“breast”[All Fields] AND “cancer”[All Fields]) OR “breast cancer”[All Fields]) AND inhibitor[All Fields]
cancer inhibitor breast (“Cancer”[Organism] OR cancer[All Fields]) AND inhibitor[All Fields] AND breast[All Fields]
human rab5a (“Homo sapiens”[Organism] OR human[All Fields]) AND rab5a[All Fields]
bos polymerase gene (“Bos”[Organism] OR bos[All Fields]) AND polymerase[All Fields] AND gene[All Fields]
bos a polymerase gene bos a[Author] AND polymerase[All Fields] AND gene[All Fields]