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Table 3 Sample macros

From: search GenBank: interactive orchestration and ad-hoc choreography of Web services in the exploration of the biomedical resources of the National Center For Biotechnology Information

Problem: Find all genes for amino acid sequences, corresponding to a protein called: topoisomerase
Query Link  
topoisomerase[protein name] Gene Links  
Protein Found: 20 records  
Problem: Find nucleotide sequences for mouse, and then all articles available in the PubMed that are related with the nucleotide sequences
Query Link  
mouse PubMed Links  
Nucleotide Found: 785 records  
Problem: Find all possible records from the PopSet database corresponding to the breast cancer, then search the related nucleotide sequences. Bind the found nucleotide sequences with protein sequences.
Query Link Link
Breast cancer Nucleotide Links Protein Links
PopSet   Found: 1081 records