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Table 6 Example of SWS = 1

From: An efficient method for mining cross-timepoint gene regulation sequential patterns from time course gene expression datasets

Prefixes Projected databases CTGR-SPs
G1+ <(G2-G3+)2'(G3+)3> <(G1+G2-)>
  <(G3+)2'(G2- <(G1+G3+)>
G2- <(G3+)3'> <(G2-G3+)>
G3+ <(G3+)3'>
  <> <(G3+G3+)>
  1. G+/-: significantly up- or down-regulated gene item; <>: a sequence; ()t: a transaction of time point t; _: indexed prefix; *: redundant patterns derived from traditional pattern-growth-based sequential pattern mining methods.