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Table 7 Preliminary Classification of Proteins According to the Rigidity Properties of Their Crystals

From: Rigidity analysis of protein biological assemblies and periodic crystal structures

  Case Num. Proteins % of Dataset
1. Dominant cluster aggregation at all levels 192 59
2. Dominant cluster aggregation at the unit cell level 27 8
3. No combining of rigid bodies in unit cell nor in larger crystals 33 10
4. Rigid bodies of asymmetric units combined in unit cell and 2x2x1 crystal, but not for 2x1x1 crystal 20 6
5. Size of dominant cluster in asymmetric unit and unit cell was the same, but there was aggregation of dominant body in 2x1x1 and 2x2x1 crystals 10 4
6. Dominant cluster at unit cell that spans multiple asymmetric units but does not aggregate in crystals 24 8
7. Other; unclassified. 18 5