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Table 2 2009-H1N1 HA epitope interacting residues with DM1-TCR and HLA-B*4405 complexes.

From: Molecular docking analysis of 2009-H1N1 and 2004-H5N1 influenza virus HLA-B*4405-restricted HA epitope candidates: implications for TCR cross-recognition and vaccine development

Position Epitope sequence HLA/epitope (solvent-exposed residues) TCR-HLA/epitope (interacting residues)
50 LEDKHNGKL Lys4 Lys4
128 FERFEIFPK Arg3, Glu5 Arg3
188 KEVLVLWGI - Lys1, Leu4, Leu6, Gly8
251 VEPGDKITF Asp5, Lys6 Asp5, Lys6
412 KEFNHLEKR Asn4, His5, Glu7 Glu2, Asn4, His5, Glu7
446 LENERTLDY - Leu1, Glu4, Asp8
463 YEKVRSQLK Arg5 Arg5, Lys9
493 MESVKNGTY Met1 Met1, Lys5
514 REEIDGVKL Lys8 Lys8
131 FEIFPKTSS Phe1 Phe1, Lys6
229 PEIAIRPKV Ala4, Ile5 Ile5
400 IEKMNTQFT Lys3, Met4 Glu2, Lys3, Met4, Asn5, Thr6
421 IENLNKKVD - Lys7, Asp9
475 KEIGNGCFE - Lys1, Glu2
482 FEFYHKCDN - Lys6
240 QEGRMNYYW - Asn6, Tyr7, Tyr8, Trp9
259 FEATGNLVV Thr4, Gly5, Asn6 Glu2, Thr4, Gly5