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Table 1 List of evidence codes

From: Protein Function Prediction using Text-based Features extracted from the Biomedical Literature: The CAFA Challenge

Included evidence codes Excluded evidence codes
EXP Inferred from Experiment ISS Inferred from Sequence/Structural Similarity
IDA Inferred from Direct Assay ISO Inferred from Sequence Orthology
IPI Inferred from Physical Interaction ISA Inferred from Sequence Alignment
IMP Inferred from Mutant Phenotype ISM Inferred from Sequence Model
IGI Inferred from Genetic Interaction IGC Inferred from Genomic Context
IEP Inferred from Expression Pattern RCA Reviewed Computational Analysis
IC Inferred by Curator IEA Inferred from Electronic Annotation
TAS Traceable Author Statement NAS Non-traceable Author Statement
  1. The table shows which GO evidence codes were included in our dataset and which evidence codes were excluded.