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Table 1 Comparison of student methods.

From: Homology-based inference sets the bar high for protein function prediction

  StudentA StudentB StudentC
Input Features GO term counts E-Values GO term counts; percentage positives
Scoring Schemes 1 2 2
Propagation Types maximum child maximum child maximum child; cumulative
Score Normalization Across Proteins No Yes No
  1. In this table, we have summarized the key differences between student methods. Input features include: the number of times a GO term appeared in the annotations of homologous proteins; the E-Values of the homologous proteins; and the percentage of 'positive' columns in their alignment matrices. Some groups used more than one way to score a GO term or differed during the propagation of a prediction by assigning a node the maximum value of its children or their sum. StudentB normalized the final score of a GO term to improve comparability among proteins.