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Figure 6

From: Exposure time independent summary statistics for assessment of drug dependent cell line growth inhibition

Figure 6

The adequacy of the proposed differential equation model is checked. Absorbance measurements Growth curves for the cell line SU-DHL-4 for five time points: t1 = 1, t2 = 13, t3 = 25, t4 = 37, and t5 = 49 hours are shown for the control C0 and under influence of the ten strongest concentrations of doxorubicin C9,…,C18. The growth curves are fitted using only the time points t1 and t49. The points correspond to the model-based pre-processed absorbance measurements. In the last panel the fitted growth curves for the cell line untreated (green) and for all ten concentrations (grey) are shown. In this panel the blue, red, and black curves correspond to the estimated growth curves at the summary statistics GI50, TGI, and LC48.

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