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Table 1 Execution time of the FastGapFilling (FGF) algorithm compared with MILP on four incomplete models of E. coli and one incomplete model of yeast alongside the number of suggested reactions

From: Efficiently gap-filling reaction networks

  Time in seconds Nb of reactions
Suggested to be added
E. coli 1 125 6 1 1
E. coli 2 7,794 16 3 3
E. coli 3 9,729 13 2 3
E. coli 4 >86,400 14 NA 3
Yeast 21,027 14 4 4
  1. All times were rounded to the nearest number of seconds and they included only solver time, excluding the time for preparing the data for the solver. Note: the number of suggested reactions does not constitute an absolute measure of the quality of the solutions, but rather is one indicator of the similarity between the MILP technique and the FastGapFilling algorithm.