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Table 1 List of RDF databases integrated in SPARQLGraph

From: SPARQLGraph: a web-based platform for graphically querying biological Semantic Web databases

EBI RDF platform
Database Triples Focus Example elements Reference
Atlas 447.149.547 Gene Expression Experiment, Assay [12]
ChEMBL 374.762.364 Chemogenomics Compound, Target [13]
Reactome 12.487.422 Pathways Pathway, Reaction [14]
UniProt 9.024.662.088 Proteins Protein [15]
Bio2RDF v2
Database Triples Focus Example Elements Reference
Entrez Gene 394.026.267 Genes Gene [16]
DrugBank 1.121.468 Drugs Drug, Target [17]
KEGG 49.850.774 Pathways Pathway, Reaction [18]
PharmGKB 142.782.063 Pharmacogenomics Drug, Disease [19]
  1. Each database is listed with their number of triples, the area it focuses on, example database elements, and its reference.