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Table 1 Frequency of A-DNA promoter sequences in Xenopus tropicalis 4.2 genome (apelen ≥ 10, motifgap ≤ 20, motifs for combined promoter sequences: CCAAT, GGGCGG, AGATA and TGATA)

From: APTE: identification of indirect read-out A-DNA promoter elements in genomes

A-form promoter sequences (APS) 54,703
Combined promoter sequences (CPS) 9,909
Total number of genes in genome 18,442
Genes with APS within 500 bp upstream of TSSa 586 (3.18% of genes)
Genes with CPS within 500 bp upstream of TSS 86 (0.47% of genes)
  1. aTranscription Start Site.