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Table 3 Gene IDs and names of the immediately downstream genes of the 86 putative A-form promoter elements identified in the JGI 4.2 genome assembly, the associated promoter motif sequence for each hit is shown alongside

From: APTE: identification of indirect read-out A-DNA promoter elements in genomes

Gene ID Gene name Motif
ENSXETG00000003537 plcxd3 GGGCGG
ENSXETG00000008410 c5orf4 GGGCGG
ENSXETG00000030719 unknown1 GGGCGG
ENSXETG00000006282 unknown2 GGGCGG
ENSXETG00000003943 lrsam1 CCGCCC
ENSXETG00000027883 c3orf10 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000028111 unknown3 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000016171 gata2 CCGCCC
ENSXETG00000029861 unknown4 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000009337 gdi3 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000012462 gtf2e1.2 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000017744 XB-GENE-5853280 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000004674 eef1d CCAAT
ENSXETG00000004472 mcts1 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000032447 LOC100488751 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000000668 xkr5 CCGCCC
ENSXETG00000033055 unknown5 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000007609 thrsp CCAAT
ENSXETG00000002252 unknown6 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000026459 ywhaz TATCA
ENSXETG00000029162 unknown7 TATCA
ENSXETG00000015053 gdpd5 TATCA
ENSXETG00000009868 tars TATCA
ENSXETG00000010686 sepn1 TATCA
ENSXETG00000016524 LOC100493317 TATCT
ENSXETG00000018194 fam176a TATCT
ENSXETG00000009404 adipor2 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000018026 sec22a AGATA
ENSXETG00000002371 kif27 AGATA
ENSXETG00000010991 ercc4 TATCT
ENSXETG00000025304 unknown8 ATTGG
ENSXETG00000002603 gas2 TATCT
ENSXETG00000023254 zfp36l2.2 TATCA
ENSXETG00000009124 clcn7 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000018965 crat.1 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000027013 NP_001016033.1 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000027419 a4galt TATCA
ENSXETG00000020165 mkrn2 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000029144 unknown9 ATTGG
ENSXETG00000030437 tnrc6a ATTGG
ENSXETG00000018553 XB-GENE-5960869 TATCA
ENSXETG00000016062 znf184 GGGCGG
ENSXETG00000016933 ehmt1 ATTGG
ENSXETG00000014657 slc25a30 AGATA
ENSXETG00000003950 traf2 CCGCCC
ENSXETG00000030164 NP_001120021.1 AGATA
ENSXETG00000030426 unknown10 TATCA
ENSXETG00000022553 fam120a ATTGG
ENSXETG00000007987 arg2 AGATA
ENSXETG00000023393 osbpl11 TGATA
ENSXETG00000017669 usp21 AGATA
ENSXETG00000013130 magi1 TATCT
ENSXETG00000023739 wrb CCAAT
ENSXETG00000007387 bmi1 AGATA
ENSXETG00000016524 LOC100493317 ATTGG
ENSXETG00000013350 tfg ATTGG
ENSXETG00000009412 unknown11 TATCT
ENSXETG00000000267 ccndx CCAAT
ENSXETG00000010533 piwil2 ATTGG
ENSXETG00000007609 thrsp TGATA
ENSXETG00000014657 slc25a30 ATTGG
ENSXETG00000014963 ctdsp1 TGATA
ENSXETG00000019650 myh11 AGATA
ENSXETG00000018194 fam176a TATCT
ENSXETG00000029977 LOC100495404 ATTGG
ENSXETG00000008526 LOC100495179 GGGCGG
ENSXETG00000019263 pdss2 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000008969 rad51l3 TATCA
ENSXETG00000022325 unknown12 TATCA
ENSXETG00000020057 utp6 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000007609 thrsp TATCT
ENSXETG00000013463 zmynd12 ATTGG
ENSXETG00000015404 shc1 TATCT
ENSXETG00000027433 otop2 ATTGG
ENSXETG00000021081 sgcg GGGCGG
ENSXETG00000006922 ss18 TATCA
ENSXETG00000033607 asxl1 CCAAT
ENSXETG00000023477 hdhd3 ATTGG
ENSXETG00000003248 strada TGATA
ENSXETG00000010684 dnajc19 TGATA
ENSXETG00000027998 prss8 CCGCCC
ENSXETG00000010250 chrnb3 TGATA
  1. Those selected for analysis are marked in bold.