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Table 2 A feature summary of Mercury in DNAnexus and similar tools and services

From: Launching genomics into the cloud: deployment of Mercury, a next generation sequence analysis pipeline

  Mercury in DNAnexus Galaxy Seven bridges Chipster Anduril
Mapper BWA No canonical (many) BWA BWA BWA/Bowtie
Variant caller Atlas2 No canonical (many) GATK Samtools mpileup Samtools/GATK, Varscan
Annotation Cassandra snpEff, AlleleFrequency snpEff, ANNOVAR Bioconductor ANNOVAR
Visualization Built-in browser Built-in browser Links to IGV Built-in browser No
Runs on local hardware No* Yes No Yes Yes
Runs on cloud infrastructure Yes Yes Yes Jobs queued to public server No
HIPAA compliant Yes No No No Not Applicable (local only)
Requires setup configuration No Yes No Yes Yes
Can add tools independently Yes Yes By request No No
Data sharing & collaboration Yes Yes No No No
  1. *Mercury can be run on local hardware via Valence, but does not include all of the security and data sharing features of Mercury in DNAnexus.