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Table 4 Most frequent learned clauses (Dataset 2)

From: Predicting virus mutations through statistical relational learning

# models Learned clause
All mut(A,B,C,D) AND position(C,X)
9 mut(A,B,C,D) AND position(C,103) AND typeaa(neutral,D)
6 mut(A,B,C,D) AND position(C,106) AND typeaa(tiny,D)
6 mut(A,y,C,D) AND typeaa(neutral,D) AND strand(C)
6 mut(A,y,C,D) AND strand(C)
5 mut(A,B,C,a) AND position(C,106)
5 mut(A,y,C,D) AND typeaa(neutral,D)
4 mut(A,B,C,D) AND position(C,90) AND correlated_mut(A,C,E)
4 mut(A,B,C,D) AND position(C,143) AND same_type_aa(D,B,polar)
3 mut(A,B,C,D) AND typeaa(aromatic,B) AND strand(C) AND typeaa(neutral,D)
All mut(A,B,C,D) AND position(C,X)
17 mut(A,m,C,D) AND same_type_aa(B,D,nonpolar)
13 mut(A,m,C,D) AND highconservation(C)
12 mut(A,w,C,D)
9 mut(A,m,C,D) AND inMotif(C,pfam_ls:RVT_1)
9 mut(A,m,C,D)
9 mut(A,p,C,D)
6 mut(A,B,C,D) AND position(C,165) AND correlated_mut(A,C,E)
6 mut(A,B,C,D) AND position(C,188) AND correlated_mut(A,C,E)
6 mut(A,m,C,D) AND inMotif(C,prf:RT_POL)
6 mut(A,m,C,D) AND inMotif(C,pfam_fs:RVT_1)
  1. List of the ten most frequent learned rules for Dataset 2, sorted by number of models they appear in. The table also includes the clause position(C,X), which is present in all models for different values of X.