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Figure 7

From: Comprehensive analysis of forty yeast microarray datasets reveals a novel subset of genes (APha-RiB) consistently negatively associated with ribosome biogenesis

Figure 7

Genetic interaction network between the genes in the APha-RiB regulon (C2 at DTB with δ = 0.2). A sub-network of eight genes is highlighted and the types of genetic interactions between its genes are labelled. This is the same sub-network which is highlighted in Figure 8. A genetic interaction exists between two genes if the impact of perturbing both genes is different from the additive impact of perturbing each gene individually. A positive genetic interaction is that in which perturbing both genes results in a higher fitness, i.e. a weaker defect, than the additive defect of perturbing each one individually. On the other hand, a negative genetic interaction exists when the defect caused by perturbing both genes is stronger than the additive defect caused by perturbing each gene individually. A similar profile (S) genetic interaction indicates high correlation between both genes’ genetic interaction profiles with the rest of the genes.

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