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Figure 1

From: Information compression exploits patterns of genome composition to discriminate populations and highlight regions of evolutionary interest

Figure 1

Compression efficiency discriminates human populations. Empirical density function of compression efficiency calculated using gzip. The eleven human populations from HapMap 3 are discriminated. The clusters resonate with known phylogeographic relationships. The Han Chinese in Beijing (CHB), the Chinese in metropolitan Denver (CHD) and the Japanese in Tokyo (JPT) are co-located by high compression efficiency, and conversely the South-West USA with African ancestry (ASW), the Luhya in Kenya (LWK), the Maasai in Kenya (MKK) and the Yoruba in Nigeria (YRI) are co-located by low compression efficiency. The middle cluster encompasses the Mexican (MEX), Indians (GIH), Italian (TSI) and central Europeans (CEU).

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