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Figure 6

From: Information compression exploits patterns of genome composition to discriminate populations and highlight regions of evolutionary interest

Figure 6

The detailed allele composition of the SLC24A5 skin pigmentation region in dark skinned ASW versus lighter skinned CEU and JPT. The alleles are represented by color as follows: red = 0, green = 2, black = 1. Population-level regularities in allele order are very evident in both European and Japanese populations but not South West with African Ancestry. The Japanese were included for illustration purposes. Their compression efficiency was no higher than the CEU despite a much lower heterozygosity. Following correction for heterozygosity no peak was detected over this region. The region exactly overlying the SLC24A5 coding sequence (Chr15:48,413,169 – 48,434,589) is coincident with almost identical allele patterns in both European and Japanese. Downstream of the coding sequence both European and Japanese possess population-level regularities in composition, but the regularities differ.

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