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Table 3 The list of common regulated genes between datasets

From: MAAMD: a workflow to standardize meta-analyses and comparison of affymetrix microarray data

Compared dataset Significance Common regulated genes
Total Conserved genes Differential genes
GSE15879 v.s. GSE14981 A comparison between chronic and acute hypoxia in flies 7 Hsp26, HSPA1A, GstD1, CG14120 CG3734, CG13607, Cyp4d2
GSE15879 v.s. GSE12160 A comparison between chronic hypoxia and chronic hyperoxia in flies 12 Hsp26, CG14120, RGN, CG31300, LOC423786 Lsp1beta, CG15766, Cyp4d2, CG5897, HPGD, Lsd-1, si:dkey-7814.10
GSE15879 v.s. GSE9400 A comparison of chronic hypoxia in mice and flies 4 RRM2, AGPAT3 RRM1, FBP2
GSE15879 v.s. GSE14981 v.s. GSE12160 A comparison of chronic hypoxia, chronic hyperoxia and acute hypoxia in flies 3 Hsp26, CG14120 Cyp4d2
  1. The column “Compared Datasets” lists the detailed comparisons. The column “Significance” states the biological meaning to make such a comparison. The column “Common Regulated Genes” lists the total number of common regulated genes, the detailed conserved genes and the detailed differential genes.