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Table 8 Analysis of the performance at the second stage of G-SNPM

From: A tool for mapping Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms using Graphics Processing Units

CHIP name reference build sequences analyzed time
HumanOmni 1S 37.1 17 13 m
HumanOmni 1S 37.3 17 12 m
CNV370 v. 3.0 36.1 56 41 m
CNV370 v. 3.0 37.3 81 49 m
HH300 v. 2.0 36.1 10 22 m
HH300 v. 2.0 37.3 36 27 m
  1. A summarization of the performance in terms of running time at the second stage of the G-SNPM. The table shows the number of sequences that G-SNPM tried to align at the second stage and the time required to align them. It is evident a considerable imbalance of the processing time between the first and the second level. The table summarizes the performance with option "D" disabled.