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Table 2 Tuning of the search engine regarding the traditional technical survey task.

From: Development and tuning of an original search engine for patent libraries in medicinal chemistry

Strategy Tuning P0 MAP
Impact of the description field Description 15.87% 1.49%
  No description 19.51% 1.48%
Impact of the metadata field No metadata 30.92% 1.74%
  Metadata on TAC 30.30% 1.60%
  Metadata on TACD 19.51% 1.48%
Impact of the weighting model PL2 19.51% 1.48%
  BM25 20.05% 1.59%
Impact of the co-citation network Without re-ranking 20.05% 1.59%
  With re-ranking 21.24% 1.60%
Impact of the use of IPC codes No IPC codes 21.24% 1.60%
  IPC codes 23.28% 1.62%
  1. Results in bold are the most effective and are therefore selected to perform further experiments. P0 indicates the top-precision and MAP represents the mean average precision.