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Table 7 Examples of indirect evidence.

From: Extracting rate changes in transcriptional regulation from MEDLINE abstracts

Example-7 The results indicate that during the first hours of microvinification there is an increase in the GPDI mRNA levels with a maximum about one hour after inoculation, and a decrease in the amount of HSP12 and HSP104 mRNAs, although with differences between them. (PMID: 12086182)
Example-8 Four different conditions were found to cause expression of Ime1 protein in vegetative cultures: elevated transcription levels due to the presence of IME1 on a multicopy plasmid; elevated transcription provided by a Gal-IME1 construct; G1 arrest due to alpha-factor treatment; G1 arrest following mild heat-shock treatment of cdc28 diploids. (PMID: 8483452)