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Table 1 The SOAPdenovo2 E. coli assembly.

From: Effects of error-correction of heterozygous next-generation sequencing data

Correction Algorithm How Corrected Contigs N50 Largest Contig
  Raw reads 486825 100 7110
Quake Corrected together 25642 661 28841
Quake Corrected separately 18153 1143 36891
ECHO Corrected together 392668 100 10094
ECHO Corrected separately 348885 100 9563
  1. There were five different assemblies. The assembly of raw reads involved no correction. For both Quake and ECHO, the reads were corrected separately by strain and corrected together with reads from both strains present then assembled. The number of contigs, the N50 size and the length of the largest contig of each assembly is shown.