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Table 1 DNA-based Presentation key genes

From: Enhancing cancer clonality analysis with integrative genomics

Gene DNA Mutation AA Change CN DP AF RNA Mutation Notes
DNA2 c.146delG   1 82 17 N DNA repair
MYC c.226G>A p.Ala76Thr 3 207 31 Y Amp oncogene + VUS
SETD2 c.7085A>G p.Gln2362Arg 1 94 24 Y HMT
TET2 c.2725C>T p.Gln909* 3 117 24 Y Oncogene
TNFRSF11A c.1097C>T p.Pro366Leu 3 244 14 N Bone remodelling
  1. A tabular version of the clonal dynamics displayed in Figure 3A lists changes in allelic frequency, depth and copy number for the Presentation sample. Also indicated is whether or not the DNA mutation was expressed in the sample's associated mRNA. Abbreviations: CN (Copy Number), DP (Depth), Allelic Frequency (AF), VUS (Variant of Uncertain Significance), HMT (Histone Methyltransferase), AA (Amino Acid) and Amp (Amplified).