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Table 1 Gene expression and promoter methylation profiles.

From: Identification of aberrant gene expression associated with aberrant promoter methylation in primordial germ cells between E13 and E16 rat F3 generation vinclozolin lineage

GEO ID Description
GSE43559 (gene expression)
GSM1065332 PGC E13 F3-Control biological rep1
GSM1065333 PGC E13 F3-Control biological rep2
GSM1065334 PGC E13 F3-Vinclozolin biological rep1
GSM1065335 PGC E13 F3-Vinclozolin biological rep2
GSM1065336 PGC E16 F3-Control biological rep1
GSM1065337 PGC E16 F3-Control biological rep2
GSM1065338 PGC E16 F3-Vinclozolin biological rep1
GSM1065339 PGC E16 F3-Vinclozolin biological rep2
GSE59510 (promoter methylation)
GSM1438556 E16-Vip2/Cip2
GSM1438557 E13-Vip2/Cip1
GSM1438558 E13-Vip1/Cip1
GSM1438559 E16-Vip1/Cip1
GSM1438560 E16-Vip2/Cip1
GSM1438561 E13-Vip2/Cip2