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Table 2 Enrichment analysis of 48 RefSeq mRNAs commonly selected in the top most 1000 genes by applying PCA-based unsupervised FE to gene expression and promoter methylation.

From: Identification of aberrant gene expression associated with aberrant promoter methylation in primordial germ cells between E13 and E16 rat F3 generation vinclozolin lineage

GO BP    
GO:0007186 19 G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway 5.35E-03
GO:0007166 21 Cell surface receptor linked signal transduction 4.19E-03
GO BP    
GO:0003008 17 System process 4.37E-02
GO:0007166 22 Cell surface receptor signaling pathway 8.91E-03
GO MF    
GO:0060089 17 Molecular transducer activity 4.49E-02
GO:0004871 17 Signal transducer activity 1.82E-02
GO:0004872 17 Receptor activity 1.13E-02
GO:0038023 17 Signaling receptor activity 3.98E-03
GO:0004888 16 Transmembrane signaling receptor activity 1.08E-02
GO:0004930 14 G-protein coupled receptor activity 4.43E-02