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Table 3 Enrichment analysis of 179 genes commonly selected in the top most 2000 genes by applying PCA-based unsupervised FE to gene expression and promoter methylation.

From: Identification of aberrant gene expression associated with aberrant promoter methylation in primordial germ cells between E13 and E16 rat F3 generation vinclozolin lineage

rno04740 50 Olfactory transduction 1.63E-15
GO BP    
GO:0007186 79 G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway 2.04E-20
GO:0007166 85 Cell surface receptor linked signal transduction 2.39E-18
GO:0050911 59 Detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception of smell 1.99E-18
GO:0050907 59 Detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception 2.22E-18
GO:0009593 59 Detection of chemical stimulus 3.09E-18
GO:0007608 59 Sensory perception of smell 3.38E-18
GO:0050906 59 Detection of stimulus involved in sensory perception 3.26E-18
GO:0007606 60 Sensory perception of chemical stimulus 2.89E-18
GO:0051606 60 Detection of stimulus 2.88E-18
GO:0007600 61 Sensory perception 3.31E-16
GO:0050890 62 Cognition 2.44E-15
GO:0050877 62 Neurological system process 1.94E-12
GO CC    
GO:0016021 101 Integral to membrane 3.57E-12
GO:0031224 101 Intrinsic to membrane 1.65E-11
GO:0031983 7 Vesicle lumen 1.49E-03
GO:0060205 6 Cytoplasmic membrane-bounded vesicle lumen 7.41E-03
GO:0031091 6 Platelet alpha granule 1.59E-02
GO:0031093 5 Platelet alpha granule lumen 3.82E-02
GO MF    
GO:0004984 60 Olfactory receptor activity 1.59E-19