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Table 4 RDBMS Fields and Short Descriptions.

From: The Comparative RNA Web (CRW) Site: an online database of comparative sequence and structure information for ribosomal, intron, and other RNAs

# Search Query Output Field Description
1 ---- Row# Index for ease of usage.
2 Organism Organism Organism: Complete organism name (in Genus species format; organisms are listed using the NCBI scientific name).
3 Cell Location L Cell Location: Chloroplast (C), Cyanelle (Y), Mitochondrion (M), Nucleus (N), or Virus (V).
4 RNA Type RT RNA Type: rRNA (R) or Intron (I). (mRNA, tRNA, SnRNA, and Other are presently unsupported.)
5 RNA Class RC RNA Class: Detailed classification within RNA Types.
6 Exon EX Exon sequence containing the intron. The expanded names for the exon abbreviations are available online.
7 ---- IN Intron Number: For exon sequences containing multiple introns, the introns are numbered sequentially.
8 Intron Position IP Intron Position: Nucleotide (E. coli reference numbering) immediately prior to the intron insertion point.
9 ORF 0 Open Reading Frame presence within intron sequences. Y = an ORF of at least 500 nucleotides is present; N = no ORF of at least 500 nucleotides is present; U = ORF presence/absence was not determined; see also online discussion about ORFs. The ORF identity is sometimes given in the Comment field.
10 Sequence Length Size Number of nucleotides in the RNA sequence.
11 ---- Cmp Percent Completeness: estimated completeness of the sequence. Only sequences that are at least 90% complete are included here.
12 Accession Number AccNum GenBank Accession Number. Links directly to the GenBank entry at the NCBI web site.
13 Secondary Structures StrDiags Structure Diagrams: Links to secondary structure diagrams available from the CRW Site. Users may select sequences with or without structures or all sequences.
14 Common Name Common Name From the NCBI Phylogeny, where available.
15 Group ID Gr.Id (Partially implemented feature.)
16 Group Class Gr.Class (Feature not presently implemented.)
17 Comment Comment Additional information about a sequence.
18 Phylogeny Phylogeny NCBI Phylogeny for the Organism. The first level is shown; the remainder is available by following the "m" ("more") link.
19 ---- Row# Index for ease of usage.
  1. #: order of appearance of fields in the RDBMS output. Search Query: names of fields on the Search screen; ----, not available as a search criterion. Output Field: names of fields in the RDBMS output. Description: more information about the field and its contents. The RDBMS Search page contains two additional options: Results / Page, which allows users to display 20, 50, 100, 200, or 400 results per page, and Color Display, which toggles alternating colored highlighting of adjacent organisms. Expanded descriptions of each field and the corresponding contents are available online at the CRW RDBMS Help Page.