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Archived Comments for: Identification of signature and primers specific to genus Pseudomonas using mismatched patterns of 16S rDNA sequences

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  1. Use of Shannon information for design of primers for polymerase chain reaction

    Peter K. Rogan, University of Missouri-Kansas City

    24 June 2003

    We would like to inform readers of this paper of our prior efforts in the area of PCR primer design, which were based upon analyses of Shannon information. The authors' approach for developing primers for Pseudomonas species is similar to our method of identifying sequence specific regions of alternating low information content and high information content regions. Additional details can be found at:

    (1) Tooley, P.W., Salvo, J.J., Schneider, T.D. and Rogan, P.K. Phylogenetic Inference Based on Information Theory-Based PCR Amplification. 1998. J. Phytopathology, 146, 427-430

    (2) US Ser #5,849,492: PK Rogan, Method for rapid identification of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms

    (3) Rogan PK, Salvo JJ, Stephens RM, Schneider TD: Design of universal polymerase chain reaction primers for amplification of 28S rDNA. In: Visualizing Biological Information, CA Pickover (ed). World Scientific, River Edge NJ, 1995).

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