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Table 4 Kelch-repeat proteins of S. cerevisiae and S. pombe

From: Molecular phylogeny of the kelch-repeat superfamily reveals an expansion of BTB/kelch proteins in animals

Architecture GenBank Accession Alternative Name Domain organisation Amino acids Reference
S. pombe      
Kelch/coiled coil NP_588351 Tea1p K6/coiled-coil 1147 47
  NP_594099   K6/coiled-coil 1125  
Discoidin/kelch NP_594297 Muskelin-like, MKLN1 DD/K6 716 38
LCM/kelch NP_596164 * Putative carboxymethyl transferase LCM/K6 681 26
Kelch and unique NP_596339 Ral-2 K5/u 611 51
S. cerevisiae      
Kelch/coiled-coil NP_012028 Kel1p K6/coiled-coil 1164 48
  NP_011754 Kel2p K6/coiled-coil 882 48
  NP_011318   K4/coiled-coil 1487  
  NP_011058   K4/coiled-coil 1753  
LCM/kelch NP_014500 Carboxymethyl transferase, Pmp2p LCM/K6 695 26
Kelch and unique NP_015060 Kel3p K5/u 651  
  NP_015016 * Krh1p/Gpb1 u/K7 897 52, 53
  NP_009345 * Krh2p/Gpb2 u/K7 847 52, 53
  1. Key. *Kelch-repeat proteins not listed in either Pfam or SMART species tree. No S. cerevisiae proteins are listed in SMART tax break.