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Table 1 Unique coding sequences in CELO and related avian adenoviruses

From: Reannotation of the CELO genome characterizes a set of previously unassigned open reading frames and points to novel modes of host interaction in avian adenoviruses

CELO-ORFa Regionb Strand Length (aa) Homologous sequencesc Comment
ORF-1 794–1330 forward 178 FadV-9-ORF847–1338 functional dUTP pyrophosphatase [4], homologous to ORF-1 proteins of mastadenovirus E4 region [5]
ORF-2 1999–2829 forward 276 FadV-9-ORF1950–2753  
ORF-8 37391–38239 forward 282 FadV-9-ORF37859–38668
Gam1, antiapoptotic, induction of heat shock response, inactivation of histone deacetylase 1, pRb/E2F pathway [610]
ORF-9 40037–41002 forward 321 FadV-9-ORF43595–42660
amino terminus unclear, since transcript was shown to be spliced up to 40133 [13]
ORF-10 41002–41853 forward 283 no homologs Translation start is likely to be at pos. 41113
ORF-11 41958–42365 forward 135 FadV-9-ORF41461–41853  
ORF-12 5412-4462 reverse 315 FadV-9-ORF6190-5243 amino terminus extended by 106 residues
ORF-13 4568-3549 reverse 339 FadV-9-ORF5058-4261  
ORF-14 3503-2892 reverse 203 FadV-9-ORF4180-3536 FadV-9-ORF3412-2837 amino terminus extended by 43 residues
ORF-16 39705-39286 reverse 139 FadV-10-ORF4550-4209  
ORF-17 39256-38717 reverse 179 FadV-9-ORF41096-40596  
ORF-18/19 (36144)-34238 reverse 635 FadV-9-ORF36385-34220
Correction of an obvious error in the genomic sequence combines ORF-18 and ORF-19 to one single ORF. The amino terminus was extended by the translation of a short leader sequence that was shown to be spliced ahead of the original ORF-18 [13].
ORF-20 33832-32892 reverse 313 FadV-9-ORF33963-32986
amino terminus extended by 42 residues
ORF-22 32429-31812 reverse 205 FadV-9-ORF32502-31930
involved in pRb/E2F pathway [10]
ORF28115-27765 28115-27765 reverse 117 FadV-9-ORF30192-29797
New conserved ORF, located between fibre and pVIII gene
ORF32895-32434 32895-32434 reverse 154 FadV-9-ORF32985-32509 CFA40-ORF7552-7262 new conserved ORF, is translation of the original ORF-21 in a different frame
  1. a ORF-numbering in accordance to Chiocca et al. [4]b coordinates in the genomic sequence of CELO ( NC_001720) c ORFs are named by their coordinates in the following nucleic acid sequences: NC_000899 (FAdV-9), AF155911 (CFA40) and AF160185 (FAdV-10). FAdV-10-ORF1814-1637 is derived from entry AF006739, CFA40-ORF3306-2729 from entry U40587. EST-ORF-9 is the translation of an EST sequence (BM491231) of a chicken EST library.