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Figure 2

From: AnaBench: a Web/CORBA-based workbench for biomolecular sequence analysis

Figure 2

AnaBench use-cases. (1) User Registration: provide name, login name, email, and password. (2) User Connection: provide login name and password. (3) Project Management: create new projects, edit or delete an existing project, and list all user's projects. (4) Data Management: add, edit or delete data, and list all data of a project. (5) Tools Management: create, edit, delete, and list analysis categories, applications, and parameters. (6) Analysis: launch analysis applications, display results, and save them in a user's project. (7) Deferred Execution: launch analysis application in deferred mode. (8) Input: select input data for analysis applications from the user's projects. (9) View Results: display analysis results on the user's browser. (10) Save: save analysis results in an existing or in a new project. (11) Protocol Management: create new protocols, edit or delete an existing protocol, and list all user's protocols.

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