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Table 1 List of Genes in the Fuzzy Network Model Subset of genes involved in the yeast cell cycle selected for our demonstration network. Descriptions taken from the Yeast Protein Database (Costanzo et al., 2000; URL:

From: Linear fuzzy gene network models obtained from microarray data by exhaustive search

SIC1 YLR079W inhibitor of the Cdc28-Clb protein kinase complex
CLN1 YMR199W G1/S-specific cyclin
CLN2 YPL256C G1/S-specific cyclin
CLN3 YAL040C G1/S-specific cyclin
SWI4 YER111C transcription factor, subunit of the SBF factor
SWI6 YLR182W transcription factor, subunit of SBF and MBF (check this)
CLB5 YPR120C B-type cyclin
CLB6 YGR109C B-type cyclin
CDC6 YJL194W initiates DNA replication, active late G1/S
CDC20 YGL116W cell division control protein
CDC28 YBR160W cyclin-dependent protein kinase
MBP1 YDL056W transcription factor, subunit of MBF