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Table 3 Evaluation of the performance of IdentiCS for the prediction of EC number -containing CDSs (EC-CDSs) with the EC-number containing subset of the protein database SWISS-PROT and TrEMBL.

From: IdentiCS – Identification of coding sequence and in silico reconstruction of the metabolic network directly from unannotated low-coverage bacterial genome sequence

  Compared to originally annotated EC-CDSs Compared to all originally annotated CDSs
EC-CDSs predicted 1894 1894
True positive 1204 1813
False positive 690 55
False negative 14 NA
Sensitivity 98.9% NA
Specificity 63.6% 97.1%
Inconsistence rate in T.P. 0.08% 3.32%
  1. NA: not applicable.