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Figure 2

From: VisANT: an online visualization and analysis tool for biological interaction data

Figure 2

Illustration of data integration in VisANT. (A) The MAPK related network constructed from receptors and transcription factors in the pheromone-response pathway. Purple rectangles demonstrate the quick-tip obtained by mouse-overs of the edge between DIG1 and FUS3, and the nodes CHA3 and STE12 respectively. Most integration data are available only after the node has been queried against the databases, and are available under the "Available Links" submenu of the node. (B) GenBank[37] record of human homology protein for CHA1 based on COG database. The homology information is available after the corresponding filter has been processed. (C) STE12 is mapped to KEGG pathway 04010 (MAPK Singling Pathway) and the pathway has been loaded with corresponding nodes highlighted. (D) Functional annotation of STE5 is loaded through the cross-reference in SGD[49] database.

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