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Table 1 Up-regulated GeneOntology classes after 6 h of white light-treatment applied to etiolated A. thaliana seedlings (chip ID 7341, see Material and Methods for details). The top 10 classes are shown. They contain a total of 26 distinct genes that are detected as "possibly changed". Six of the 10 classes are directly related to the light reactions of photosynthesis.

From: Iterative Group Analysis (iGA): A simple tool to enhance sensitivity and facilitate interpretation of microarray experiments

GO class GO class description PC-value # changed # members
GO:0015979 Photosynthesis 2.99E-08 5 8
GO:0009538 photosystem I reaction center 4.52E-07 4 5
GO:0019253 reductive pentose-phosphate cycle 7.27E-05 3 12
GO:0016168 chlorophyll binding 9.40E-05 3 6
GO:0009523 photosystem II 2.36E-04 2 2
GO:0000311 plastid large ribosomal subunit 9.26E-04 3 8
GO:0016459 Myosin 1.75E-03 1 6
GO:0004556 alpha-amylase activity 1.94E-03 3 3
GO:0003774 motor activity 2.05E-03 1 7
GO:0009533 chloroplast stromal thylakoid 2.14E-03 2 2