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Table 2 Group analysis of gene expression in potassium-starved A. thaliana roots. This experiment used a custom-made transporter array and corresponding annotations [13]. The PC-values, number of group members and of significantly changed genes are indicated. Only groups with a group-wise FDR <10% are shown. The last column indicates the number of group members that were detected by Significance Analysis of Microarrays [14] with a FDR <10%.

From: Iterative Group Analysis (iGA): A simple tool to enhance sensitivity and facilitate interpretation of microarray experiments

Group PC-value Group members Changed members SAM
Potassium transporter (up) 1.26E-05 13 7 2
Nitrate transporter (down) 3.47E-04 9 3 1
Putative anion exchanger (up) 8.62E-04 7 2 2
19 TMS proteins (down) 2.22E-03 2 2 0
    Total: 14 Total: 55