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Table 7 Genome prevalence of the consensus sequences constructed by aligning the motifs found significant by the algorithm, and functional characterization of the corresponding genes. The second column contains the total number of genes in the yeast genome in which the consensus sequence is found at least once in the upstream region. The third column reports one of the annotation terms to which the consensus sequence is associated, and the number of genes annotated to the term among the ones containing the consensus sequence.

From: Computational identification of transcription factor binding sites by functional analysis of sets of genes sharing overrep-resented upstream motifs

Consensus sequence Total genes Annotated genes
GATGAGATAGCT 17 nucleolus (8)
AAAAATTTTC 233 nucleolus (37)
MCSCMTACAY 78 cytosolic ribosome (20)
ARACGCGTMG 15 DNA replication and chromosome cycle (2)
AAMYGCGAWCG 6 nucleosome (0)
GATGAGTCAY 5 amino-acid metabolism (3)
TGAAACA 560 sexual reproduction (26)
AGGGTGCA 40 siderophore transport (5)
CGGCGCCGAG 5 tricarboxylic acid cycle (3)
ACCCCT 434 alpha, alpha-trehalose phosphate synthase complex (UDP-forming) (2)
CCGGTGGC 17 26S proteasome (6)