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Table 2 Known main proteinase cleavage sites in coronavirus polyproteins used in this study, which were missed by the neural network during cross-validation. Position refers to position in the viral polyprotein. The last column lists the cleavage site in the sequence – cleavage occurs between the central glutamine residue (Q) and the following amino acid residue.

From: Coronavirus 3CLproproteinase cleavage sites: Possible relevance to SARS virus pathology

Accession Position Virus Sequence
NC_001451 3928 AIBV KSSVQ SVAG
NC_001846 3923 MHV VSQIQ SRLT
NC_001846 5984 MHV NPRLQ CTTN
NC_002306 5527 TGV KIGLQ AKPE
NC_003045 5900 BCoV ETRVQ CSTN
NC_003436 3299 PEDV GVNLQ GGYV
NC_003436 6141 PEDV SNNLQ GLEN
NC_004718 3546 SARS GVTFQ GKFK
NC_004718 4369 SARS EPLMQ SADA
NC_004718 5902 SARS VATLQ AENV