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Archived Comments for: Comparison of codon usage measures and their applicability in prediction of microbial gene expressivity

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  1. Erratum

    Kristian Vlahovicek, ICGEB

    4 April 2006

    It has come to our attention that two errors have inadvertently crept into

    the manuscript MS 2105994315610750 published in BMC Bioinformatics.

    We introduced an error into equation (4) while trying to simplify

    equation (2) by separating the calculation of value C into a

    separate formula. The last term in equation (4) should be a subtraction of

    value 0.5, not an addition.

    Consequently, the sentence

    "In order to compensate, a constant of 0.5 is added to the correction

    factor C (see Equation 4)."

    in the paragraph following the equation (4), should state:

    "In order to compensate, a constant of 0.5 is subtracted from the

    correction factor C (see Equation 4)."

    The second correction we wish to make is in equation (1): there

    should be a "2" in front of the summation sign i.e. the sum should be

    multiplied by 2. The text referring to the formula states the value should

    be computed as the G-test statistic for goodness of fit, which equals to

    2*sum(O*ln(O/E)); therefore, the accompanying text is


    Please note that the overall integrity of the paper, its results

    and conclusions are not influenced by the above error, since all the

    calculations were performed using the correct equations. The

    implementation of MILC in INCA software, available from

    <a href=''></a> is also valid. The same website shows the

    correct formulae for calculating MILC in graphical format.

    On behalf of both authors,

    Kristian Vlahovicek

    Competing interests

    No competing interests.